Solutions Conception de Magasin offers a whole range of mannequins. Made locally or imported from Asia, our models are durable and high quality. We offer fiberglass mannequins as well as plastic mannequins. Thanks to our attention to detail, our prices are known to be very competitive.

The different types of mannequins offered are:

1. Sport

We offer a wide variety of sports mannequins in action. Ideal for your sports stores, these sport models can have the sport position you desire in order to represent your products in a realistic manner.

2. Fashion

We offer a wide variety of fashion mannequins in order to push your products forward. Whether you prefer an abstract or realistic figure, different color or even a precise position, Store Fixture Solutions will find the model for you!

3. Generic

We offer a wide variety of generic mannequins such as busts and forms. These models are available either in fiberglass or in plastic, and are available in different colors.

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